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 Dermot O Hara    Invites you to the land of    Celtic Goddess Brigit





Online sessions can be performed via cell phone landline or skype.


Distant Healing is also available from Dermot on request for a small dontion.

Online sessions are $120 .


Session duration can run from 60- 90 minutes depending on the requirements of each individual .



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           The Celtic Shaman from Ireland

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    Online Healing Sessions


Jackie Alvarez  San Diego CA. I had suffered from very painful lower back pains since the age of 28, I am now 51. Went to the Chiropractor, did Acupuncture and the pain

would go away for a few months and then come back. My sister told me about Dermot O'Hara and how wonderful his workshops were. I didn't have anything to lose, so I scheduled a private Soul Illumination Integration healing session with him. It took place in Chula Vista, CA. in the month of April, 2013. The healing that takes place is "out of this world", Dermot O'Hara and the sacred power animals spirits that help him are a Godsend for everyone. I truly recommend him .I remain to this day pain free.


Gene Dolphin  , San Diego ,CA. On 21 March 2013, my wife and I went to a workshop in Chula Vista, CA where Dermot held a "Journey of the Celtic Medicine Wheel". As a result, we returned on the following Saturday for back-to-back private sessions,

each for different reasons. As a newcomer to the realm of psychic energy and health, I hoped for what I'd call a status check and spiritual energy cleansing. All I can say is "Wow". Driving home, my wife and I both noticed dramatic changes affecting vision and general attitude: colors were more vivid and bright and we somehow felt 'lighter'. Later that day I noticed my sense of taste was remarkably enhanced as was my vision. Over the following weeks I found this healing extended to improve my clarity of thought and ability to solve logic problems, including a couple data retrieval reports that have been needed for over ten years. I'm presently 65 years young, in good health, mind and spirit. Food tastes great and

colors are vivid and beautiful. I'm delighted to recommend Dermot to anyone who is serious about improving their own energy space.


Kathy Dolphin , San Diego, CA  Dermot  has the ability to help focus personal awareness to the places needing the deepest healing.His soul retrieval works like nothing else in this world. We can all benefit from his objectivity since most of us

are so closely stuck in our patterns that we can't see what is needing attention.His retrieval of my inner child from an early childhood automobile accident helped me to recover a part of myself that kept me from reaching my full potential as a singer.At age 61 after 30 years of singing and 5 years of voice lessons,I was finally able to drop my jaw and sing my high A with full gusto.Dermot's maturity, wisdom, empathy and kindness act as a catalyst for those who are ready to make changes.He is the real deal, a true shaman. We all need what he has to offer.                                                                                                            


































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